Regional Development Plan 2017-2022




Message from the RDC Chairperson

Message from the NEDA 7 Regional Director

RDC Resolution Approving the CV-RDP 2017-2022

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures

Chapter 1: The Long View

Chapter 2: Global and Regional Trends and Prospects

Chapter 3: Overlay of Economic Growth, Demographic Trends and Physical Characteristics

Chapter 4: Overall Framework

Chapter 5: Ensuring People-Centered, Clean and Efficient Governance

Chapter 6: Pursuing Swift and Fair Administration of Justice

Chapter 7: Promoting Philippine Culture and Values

Chapter 8: Expanding Economic Opportunities in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Chapter 9: Expanding Economic Opportunities in Industry and Services Through “Trabaho” and “Negosyo”

Chapter 10: Accelerating Human Capital Development

Chapter 11: Reducing Vulnerability of Individuals and Families

Chapter 12: Building Safe and Secure Communities

Chapter 13: Reaching for the Demographic Dividend

Chapter 14: Vigorously Advancing Science, Technology and Innovation

Chapter 15: Ensuring Sound Macroeconomic Policy

Chapter 16: Leveling the Playing Field Through a National Competition Policy

Chapter 17: Attaining Just and Lasting Peace

Chapter 18: Ensuring Security, Public Order and Safety

Chapter 19: Accelerating Infrastructure Development

Chapter 20: Maintaining Ecological Integrity, Clean and Healthy Environment

Chapter 21: Plan Implementation and Monitoring

List of Acronyms

Central Visayas Regional Development Council

RDP Planning Committees

CV RDP 2017-22 Secretariat