NEDA7 hosts kick-off meeting for GIZ Assessment of Metro Cebu’s inclusion in Proposed GIZ-ASEAN TA Project on Sustainable Mobility

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NEDA7 convened last 15 February 2016 a kick-off meeting between Metro Cebu stakeholders and the GIZ Appraisal Mission tasked to evaluate the possible inclusion of Metro Cebu in the proposed technical assistance on “Sustainable Mobility for Passengers and Goods in Metropolitan Regions in ASEAN Member States (ASM)”.


Mr. Roland Haas, the GIZ Program Director for the ASEAN-German Technical Cooperation Program on Cities, Environment, and Transport (CET) led the appraisal team’s visit to Metro Cebu on 15-18 February.

The project concept was proposed at the 23rd ASEAN Land Transport Working Group Meeting in Boracay in August 2014. The DOTC proposed it for GIZ funding. The GIZ included the proposal in the CET initiative. The project is currently proposed at EUR 3.3 million, to cover various metropolitan regions in the ASEAN.


The meeting, presided by NEDA7 RD Efren Carreon, discussed the challenges being faced by Metro Cebu including past and ongoing efforts of the Metro Cebu Development Coordinating Board (MCDCB) to address these challenges. Discussions focused on the recently completed JICA-assisted Roadmap Study for a Sustainable Urban Development in Metro Cebu, the proposed anchor programs and projects identified in the study, and the parallel initiative to create a Mega Cebu Development Authority. The Team got the Stakeholders’ expressed interest to participate and include Metro Cebu in the project.

A wrap-up meeting by NEDA7 and the Team was done on 17 February. NEDA7 is pushing for Metro Cebu’s inclusion in the project as it will enable the MCDCB—an alliance of public, private, and civil society organizations—to build on its past efforts and successes, and carry on towards planned future initiatives.